Past Events

If you want to take your Balboa moves up a level or you just want to get rid of some Balboa dust bunnies before Brisbane Balboa Weekend 6-7 October 2018 – well we’ve got just the thing for you!
From 12 – 2pm, on Sunday September 2nd at The Danish Club, Robert Edwards & Emma Hadfield will be working through all the moves listed as assumed knowledge for the weekend – check out all the moves out here – with a special focus on throw outs in all their glorious variations.
And there will be official mentors dancing in to give you one on one feedback. So you’ll be getting 4 teachers for the price of two!

Kara and Chris are not just incredibly experienced teachers, they are also two of the nicest swing dancers you’ll ever meet. In addition to their diverse and extensive knowledge of all the Swing Dances and specifically Blues, they always bring a bit of goofy fun to their classes, which allows those who attend to let their guard down, relax, try new things, experiment, and take risks with their dancing in a supportive environment.

Over the course of the weekend you will learn how to connect better with your dance partner, and improve and enhance movement skills that will apply to both Blues and all the other Swing Dances. You will also get to learn and play with the following concepts: Match & Exaggerate; Ballroomin’, Drag Blues & Slow Drag; Macro to Micro; Struttin; with some fun and silly stuff mixed in so your head doesn’t explode from all the new content.

Saturday night we’ve teamed up with Dance the Blues who have moved their monthly blues social The Juke Joint so it’s a part of the weekend.

Please note – the social isn’t included in the passes – passes are for the workshops only – the Juke Joint will be $15 on the door – for those in town and around Friday and Sunday we will be suggesting a great local live music event for blues dancers a little bit closer to the weekend via the Facebook event.

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