Safer Spaces & Code of Conduct

Leigh takes creating Safer Spaces seriously. Whether it be a private, a class, an event she has organised or an an event she is invited to attend/teach at, you can expect that Leigh will always treat everyone with respect and actively seek consent, Leigh expects the same from others both on and off the floor at dance events.

When you register to attend an event run by Leigh you will be asked to agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct.

Every person will take ownership of their language.

This means not using racist, homophobic, sexist or transphobic language, sexualised, rude or violent language, or language designed to make another person feel uncomfortable or inferior.

Every person will take ownership of their actions. This includes:

  • Not touching someone else without first asking. Do not touch anyone inappropriately.
  • Stop touching them if they ask or tell you to.
  • Only closely embrace someone with their consent.
  • NEVER attempt aerials, lifts or drops on the social dancing floor.
  • In a jam, ensure you have consent to perform an aerial, lift or drop, with every partner, every time. (We should not need to remind you that throwing your partner off their own weight without consent in any way or for any reason is a violation of personal space and safety.)
  • Take proactive steps to find out whether the person you are dancing with is comfortable.
  • It is your right to refuse any dance, for any reason at any time. It is your right to stop dancing with someone at any point for any reason.
  • If someone lets you know, verbally or non-verbally, that they are feeling uncomfortable, check your behaviour, apologise sincerely, and make a change immediately.

What to do if you are injured, feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or are experiencing or witnessing inappropriate behaviour:

Please talk to an organiser or volunteer at the event, or if the issue does not require immediate action, you can email Leigh:

Leigh and anyone involved with one of her events will take all reports seriously, if immediate action is required it will be taken, and the confidentiality of all parties will be respected.

Depending on each individual situation, the following are possible actions that may be taken:

  • A warning to the person who prompted the report. This warning will include a reminder that any further complaints may result in further consequences. A copy of the code of conduct will be made available.
  • The person who prompted the report will be required to avoid all contact with the person who made the report for the remainder of the event. This includes any electronic forms of contact.
  • Immediately ending any positions of power the person who prompted the report holds (volunteer/organiser/staff/DJ/band member status).
  • Immediate expulsion of the person who prompted the report from the event.
  • Imposing a temporary or permanent ban on the attendance of the person who prompted the report at future events.
  • Please note this list is not exhaustive and each issue will be dealt with on an individual basis.